About us

When was your company founded?

It was founded in October 1990. For details, please see History.

When was your stock listed on the stock market?

Our stock was listed in August 2001.

What is your company name derived from?

It is derived from the Latin word septem, which means seven. We are closely related to seven. For example, we launched the company by seven members and we wish to have our seven subsidiaries listed on the stock market in the future.

What is your corporate philosophy?

Please see the page featuring Corporate Philosophy.

Let us know about the details of your business operations.

Please see the page Business Operations

I would like to know about your group companies.

Please see Facts and Figures about the Septeni Group.

Please provide us with profiles of your executives.

Please see Our Executives page.

How many bases does the Septeni Group have?

Please see the Group Company List page.

About our stock

What is your securities code?

It is 4293.

What stock market is your stock traded on?

It is traded on the JASDAQ market.

How many shares constitute a share unit?


Do you have a preferential treatment program for shareholders?

At the moment, we have no such program.

What is your stock price at present?

The Stock Price Information page of our website displays our latest stock price.

How many shares of treasury stock does your company own?

We owned 10,724,240 shares as of September 30, 2019.

About financial results and financial affairs

What are your latest financial results?

Please refer to the Finacial Report . For full year financial data , please see the Financial Position and Performance.

Are your financial results materials available?

Please see IR Library.

What is your earnings forecast?

Please see Business Results for your desired period, available on the Financial Report page.

What is your book closing date?

It is September 30 each year.

What is the date of your next financial results announcement?

Please see IR Calendar.

Can the financial results briefing session be viewed in the form of a video?

Please see Finacial Report.

Is information about analyst coverage available?

Please see Analyst Coverage.

When did your stock split take place?

Please see Major Stock-Related Events.

Can we see a long-term trend in your financial results?

Please download the excel file from the Performance Highlights page in the Financial Position and Performance section.

About dividends

What are the criteria for eligibility for dividends?

We will pay dividends to shareholders registered on the shareholder registry as of September 30 each year.

Please let us know about dividends.

Annual dividend per share in FY2019/9 was 2.0 yen.
Please refer to the Dividend Information for trend of actual dividend.

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