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The Septeni Group’s Strengths and Culture

The greatest asset of the Septeni Group is its “people filled with a strong sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit,” which all of the Group’s activities are based on.
Our value creation foundation, including our efforts to develop human resources through digital HR, will promote the active participation and growth of our people. At the same time, we will firmly establish entrepreneurship as an organizational culture. Through this approach, entrepreneurship is also demonstrated in our businesses and activities, which leads to an increase in the value we provide to our stakeholders.
By means of this value creation process, we strive to realize our mission and achieve our vision, while promoting the activities of interconnected materialities.

Septeni Group Strengths

People filled with a strong sense of ownership and entrepreneurial spirit

At the Group, it is notable that each individual is encouraged to interpret the term “entrepreneurship” in their own way, in addition to its general meaning. One of the common interpretations within the Company is to “pursue opportunities beyond controllable resources.” Human resources with such qualities and attitudes are the “people who create a new era,” as described at the beginning of our vision, and are the source of the Septeni Group’s strengths.

Value creation foundation of the Septeni Group

We utilize our extensive human resource database and technologies to optimize the development of human resources individually. Additionally, we are working to be a place where employees can perform their full potential and play an active role by promoting and supporting diverse work styles and encouraging each employee to develop and demonstrate entrepreneurship. We believe that the value creation foundation that supports the maximization of human capital will enable employees to “create a new era” and lead to the enhancement of corporate value.

Enhancement of Corporate Value by Empowering People Who Create a New Era

Septeni Group Culture

We are implementing various initiatives to ensure that each employee can demonstrate entrepreneurship with confidence.

Familiarizing the Corporate Philosophy & Code of Conduct

To ensure the permeation of our core values, which are an integral part of the Septeni Group's culture, we have established the “Philosophy Penetration Project,” a cross-company initiative led by the Corporate Design Manager and employees responsible for philosophy permeation from each group company, as well as volunteers. The project aims to make the Group's philosophy function as the Group identity, and also as cohesion and competitive advantage of each individual.

Systems to support employee growth

  • Compatibility placement and development plan

    For employees after joining the Company, we implement “compatibility placement,” which quantitatively evaluates the environment that an individual is likely to adapt to easily, based on personality data from team members and supervisors, and use this as reference information for assignments. In addition, we support the individual growth of each employee by providing them and their supervisors with information regarding their “strengths and weaknesses, optimal learning styles, and methods of organizational adaptation.”

  • 360-degree multi survey

    We have a performance evaluation system where employees of the target companies can evaluate other employees regardless of their seniority. This evaluation is conducted every six months. Evaluation criteria are established for each job qualification set by the Company, and these criteria are quantified for each item. Employees receive evaluation feedback through discussions with their supervisors.

  • Training system

    For new graduates, we conduct a three-day comprehensive training program after joining the Company, followed by individual training provided by each assigned company and department. Additionally, training sessions on necessary business knowledge and skills are conducted as needed across the Group companies.

  • Personal development system

    A system providing funding for employees to attend outside seminars and business schools. The program covers 70% of the total fees, to a maximum of 70,000 yen.

  • BLP management program

    A management training program focusing on cultivating officer candidates. Participants are publicly sought, and selected participants can attend outside business schools for two years free of charge.

  • Side business system

    The Group promotes diverse ways of working and believes that individuals should acquire skills and add to their experience through activities beyond just their duties within the Group and this enables them to contribute more fully to the Group.

Growth Opportunities

  • Essay contest

    Every year, the Group sets a theme related to the future of the company and invites employees to submit essays about the things they are able to accomplish, and the things they should accomplish under that theme. Awards are given to excellent works.

  • gen-ten

    The gen-ten in-house new business planning contest is held every year. Highly motivated employees with business plans that earn high marks in the contest are given the chance to commercialize the business at a subsidiary focused on business incubation.

Opportunities for recognition

  • Kickoff event

    At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Group kickoff event is held, where all Group members gather to announce the annual MVP, Diversity Awards, and outstanding entries in the essay contest. Each business company also holds its own kickoff event, featuring various award ceremonies.

  • Various awards

    In addition to the biannual “Seven Star Award” that recognizes the most outstanding employees in each field, each business company has its own recognition system in place.

Expressing Gratitude to the People Who Support Us

We continue to express our thanks to the people who always support the members of the Group.

  • Summer gifts, year-end gifts

    As a way to express gratitude to those who support the Company and employees, we deliver summer and year-end gifts, along with a letter detailing the Company's recent updates, to the families of our employees and our partner companies.

  • Family appreciation day

    We invite the families of our employees, such as spouses and children, who support them every day, to visit the Company. During these visits, the families are given office tours and have the chance to communicate with the supervisors of the employees. This helps deepen their understanding of the Company.

  • Hinerankai Award

    The Hinerankai Award is an event where employees send messages of gratitude to each other. During the event, more than 20,000 messages are sent throughout the Group. The most moving messages are recognized at the Group kick-off meeting.

Working with a Feeling of Security

The Group undertakes a variety of initiatives enabling employees to work with a feeling of security.

  • Countermeasures regarding COVID-19

    With the aim of balancing the elimination of infection risk, safety assurance, and stable business continuity, we have been quick to take measures against infectious diseases, such as recommending telecommuting from the end of February 2020. As a result of measures including the development of infrastructure and the sharing of internal case studies, the average attendance rate at work between March 2020 and April 2021 was 14%. We are taking measures to adapt to changes.

  • Childcare support

    Through the activities of the cross-departmental project “hug-kumi Committee,” which was launched in 2010, we have introduced initiatives such as the babysitter subsidy program and gynecological examinations. Additionally, to support employees returning from childcare leave, we organize events such as the “childcare leave employees gathering” and “childcare festival” to promote their active participation.

  • Health management

    We conduct annual health checkups with the aim of early detection, early treatment, and prevention of various diseases, including lifestyle-related diseases. Female employees also have the option to undergo gynecological examinations.
    In addition, we offer monthly online consultations with an industrial physician, subsidies for influenza vaccinations, and group vaccinations for applicants.

  • Diverse work styles and attendance management

    We have introduced a flextime system and a work-from-home system to promote diverse work styles, aiming for "a state where everyone is working autonomously and actively in valuable jobs regardless of time and place."At the same time, we aim to reduce the risk of health problems caused by long working hours, even during remote work, by utilizing an attendance management system.

Involvement with the Company as a Stakeholder

As one of the subcategories of materiality, we are dedicated to the theme of “Democratization of Entrepreneurship.” In order to be “a place where people are empowered to create a new era,” we hold events and initiatives that foster and leverage the entrepreneurship of each individual.

Democratization of Entrepreneurship