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Social Media Policy

Date of establishment : June 17th, 2010

While what is commonly known as social media (defined as spaces and mechanisms that enable personal transmission and communications) is now in widespread use as a communication tool, these media are of increasing significance to businesses. Under these circumstances, any transmission or communication made by anyone in the Septeni Group (hereinafter “the Group”) with the inappropriate information or stance could eventually impair the credibility of the person, the Group and the companies in the Group.
For the purpose of avoiding any consequence that is undesirable for the Group as mentioned above and to build favorable relationships with society and users, this policy provides for stances and behaviors that Group members are required to take at the time of using social media as set out below.

Observance of laws, ordinances and internal rules

At the time of using social media or transmitting information, Group members shall comply with the applicable laws and ordinances as well as with internal rules. In the event of making any post in connection with the Group or any service offered by the Group, they shall follow the predetermined procedures in accordance with the internal rules.

Awareness of the traits of the Internet

Group members shall be aware that any information that is transmitted could spread to the entire world and remain existent permanently.

Stance and responsibility for posting

Everyone in the Group shall be aware that their transmission may affect the reputation of themselves and the Group, and shall take responsible action. They shall not take an emotional or aggressive stance, but a stance of listening to others’ opinions.

Clear statement of the relationship with the Group

At the time of a transmission relating to the Group, a Group member shall clearly state the relationship with the Group.

Clear statement of disclaimers

At the time of transmission relating to the Group, a Group member shall clearly state that the information transmitted reflects their personal view, and that it does not constitute an official view or announcement of the Group.

Prohibition of the infringement of third parties’ copyright, dignity or other rights

No one in the Group shall conduct any act that infringes any third party’s copyright, dignity or other rights through slander or other actions. In the event of quoting any third party’s comment, article or equivalent, a Group member shall clearly indicate its source and the part from which it is quoted.

Prohibition of the publication of confidential information or information of customers and business partners

In accordance with the non-disclosure obligation, no one in the Group shall disclose any confidential information or any information that is for internal use only. No one in the Group shall make public any information about any customer or business partner, including the fact of transactions with the Group, without the permission of the customer or business partner in question.

Considerations regarding personal information and privacy

Group members shall refrain from making any transmission involving personal information or privacy.

To customers, business partners and users

Not all transmissions of information made by staff members in any of the Group’s companies on social media necessarily reflect an official announcement or view of the Group company concerned. The Group’s companies publish their official announcements and views on their own websites, in their press releases and equivalent. For inquiries on our Social Media Policy and our use of social media, please contact our contact center.