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Policy & Disclaimer

This website is for the purpose of facilitating the understanding of shareholders, investors and others regarding information on Septeni Holdings, including management policies, plans and financial standing. It is not intended to solicit purchases or sales of the Company's stock or other form of investment.

Due attention is paid to the information and materials posted on this website, but we offer no guarantees as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information available on the site. We do not bear any liability for any inconvenience or damage, etc. that may be incurred in relation to this website regardless of the reason, including that caused by mistakes in the information posted on the site or system failure.

The information on this website other than past historical facts constitutes projections related to future performance, etc. made on the judgment of the Company's management based on information available at the time and such projections are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual performance may vary considerably from projections related to performance, etc. due to a variety of factors that could include economic conditions and the competitive environment.

When making actual investment decisions upon having understood the above disclaimer, we request that you not rely solely on the information available on this website and that any decision be made on the basis of your own judgment.