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Corporate Philosophy & Code of Conduct

Septeni Group's Values

The mission represents what we stand for and what we must accomplish within our society.
It reads: “Inspiring the world with entrepreneurship”.

There are many different ways for completing this mission.
We have chosen the path of “creating a strong and great company”, just as our vision suggests.
If the everyday actions we take towards becoming a strong and great company lead people to hold the Septeni Group in high regard, we will be one step closer to fulfilling this mission.

The creed of "Hinerankai” in Kansai dialect means, ”Think outside the box." and our code of conduct, “The Septeni Way”, provide an overview of the mindset and values on which we attach importance as the basis of all our actions.

The Septeni Group will aim to “Inspire the world with entrepreneurship” by acting in line with the "Hinerankai” in Kansai dialect means, ”Think outside the box." spirit of the creed and “The Septeni Way”.

Corporate Philosophy


Inspiring the world with entrepreneurship


To create a strong and great company



"Hinerankai" in Kansai dialect means, "Think outside the box."

Code of Conduct: Septeni Way


Speed is preferred—even if it comes with a little bit of roughness—over sophisticated but slow.

We place speed first and follow a process of repeated trial and error in an effort to achieve a higher level of completion.


Setting challenging targets

We believe it is important to make innovations that meet challenging targets. The steady accumulation of day-to-day changes ultimately leads to remarkable growth.


Achieving mutual growth

We all work hard, in competition and in cooperation, from the perspective of the management team to build a better company.


Make things simple and easy for anybody to understand.

We ensure fairness and openness in constructing an environment and relations.


Using diversity as a competitive edge

We respect all human rights and mutually recognize diversity. We work to realize working styles in which individuals can exhibit and apply their respective strengths.


Remaining passionate

We believe that passion will help us increase our capacity and consistently produce positive results. We continue our own personal development to stimulate corporate growth and contribute to society.


Freedom within discipline

The decisions we make are not dictated by whether something is beneficial, but whether it is right. We comply with the corresponding regulations and ordinance and with the spirit of law, while concentrating on doing our jobs seriously yet happily.

Familiarizing the Corporate Philosophy & Code of Conduct

The 7th Code Project, a cross-functional volunteer project, works to familiarize the corporate philosophy and code of conduct, the core of the Septeni Group's culture, with its employees. The chairperson of the project is Representative Director Koki Sato. The project undertakes a variety of initiatives to help employees enjoy increasing their understanding of and empathy with the corporate philosophy and code of conduct.