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Medium-term Business Policies

Medium-term Theme

Under the new management structure, the Group’s medium-term theme for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2024 and beyond is “Focus & Synergies.” Based on the human capital management that has been built up to date, the Group will create synergies among its business segments and within its business areas while evolving its strengths to become a group with multiple strong businesses, aiming to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term.

Our Medium-term Business Policy is reviewed every year (rolling method) in order to manage a group that is resilient to environmental changes and able to respond quickly even in the modern age that is difficult to make predictions.

Medium-Term Focus Points

Our medium-term focus points for evolving into a group with multiple strong businesses, aiming to further strengthen our core Digital Marketing Business, are as follows:

In the Digital Marketing Business, by dividing the business into three areas: “Marketing Communications Area,” “Direct Business Area,” and “Data & Solutions Area,” we will develop area management while reorganizing and strengthening the business. In addition, we will work to create group synergies by leveraging the assets of the Digital Marketing Business and aim to create new businesses from within each area.

As of February 2024, our quantitative targets for FY2026, three years from now, are revenue of ¥40 billion and Non-GAAP operating profit of ¥8.0 billion. We aim to achieve revenue and profit growth, as well as an increase in operating profit margin, through growth centered around the Digital Marketing Business.