Activities by Priority Challenge

Activity Highlights

We will introduce some activities among the activities mentioned as the priority theme.

  • Encouraging the active participation of women

    Diversity Management (Encouraging the active participation of women)

    Within our efforts to promote greater diversity, we have established many different programs and support systems that encourage women to play more active roles.

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  • Take action against discrimination and harassment

    Diversity Management (Take action against discrimination and harassment)

    We promote various initiatives on discrimination and harassment.

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  • Development of high quality human resources

    Development of high quality human resources

    The Septeni Group studies and implements the human resources development engine. This engine uses data to determine recruitment, training, assignment, and other personnel measures.

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  • Workstyle Reforms

    Workstyle Reforms

    We promote our activities with a vision to make a state where everyone plays an active part autonomously with valuable work regardless of time or place.

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  • Development of high quality human resources

    Support the sound development of the Internet advertising industry

    The Septeni Group promotes activities for the sound development of the Internet advertisement industry by setting forth a policy known as the Three Promises by Septeni Group.

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