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Media Platform Business

Business Model

In the Media Platform Business, we have developed many media products, including GANMA!, a manga content app.
In the IP Platform Business, the Company nurtures and supports manga artists for the purpose of planning and developing the Company’s own intellectual property (IP). At the same time, the manga app called “GANMA!”, which consists of original products by dedicated artists, is operated as the Company’s own media. The Company also develops platform-type business related to “recruitment,” “social contribution” and “childcare” as new businesses born from intrapreneurship.
We will focus attention on growth fields and social issues in the near future and aim to fulfill the vision and mission of each platform, leveraging our entrepreneurship. The companies will combine their strengths and will build platforms together, and the entire Group will grow using its collective strengths.

  • IP Platform Business: COMICSMART

    COMICSMART aims to empower manga artists and other creators as well as the manga/anime industry as a whole through the operation of "GANMA!", a manga application that features over 300 original manga titles. Our strength lies in a vertically integrated model, which enables us to develop original IPs widely in various media by building a unique model centered on three studios: Manga, Webtoon, and Anime.

  • Recruitment Platform Business: ViViViT

    ViViViT is a platform for matching designers with jobs through portfolios (winner of the 2020 Good Design Award). To date, 600,000 creative works have been posted, and a cumulative total of 2,700 companies have used the service, creating over 100,000 matches.

  • Platform Business of Social Contribution: gooddo

    gooddo is a platform for ensuring compatibility between the supporting activities of non-profit organizations and other groups and corporate marketing and public relations activities to provide consumers and businesses with opportunities to make social contributions. Under the slogan of making social contributions into everyday activities, we will construct a system that converts individuals’ interest in social contributions into practical actions in a bid to resolve social issues.

  • Childcare Platform Business: TowaStela

    TowaStela plans and operates digital media and e-commerce in the field of childcare. It aims to realize its vision of creating a period when users most enjoy childcare through the operation of the e-commerce site Babyful, which adds to the joy of important days for families, and the planning and operation of amanoppo, a gift shop for parents and children.

Group Company List


    IP Platform Business

  • Qzil.la, Inc.

    Animation Production Business

  • Vivivit, Inc.

    Employment platform business

  • gooddo Inc.

    Platform business of social contribution

  • TowaStela, Inc.

    Childcare platform business

  • Delight Tube, Inc.

    Planning, production and management of Internet media

  • ALPHABLE, Inc.

    Management of service of looking for love, and development and sales of cosmetic products

  • 3RD GEAR, Inc.

    Planning, development and operation of a blockchain ecosystem

IP Platform Market Environment and Business Features

Prediction of Japanese E-book Market Size

The domestic e-book market is worth over 600 billion yen and is expected to grow to 800 billion yen by 2027.
Among these, e-comics account for nearly 90% of the market and continue to increase their market share year by year.


Prediction of Global Webtoon Market Size

The global Webtoon market is already worth more than 500 billion yen, and the market size, including related services, is expected to grow to more than seven times its current size by 2028, with a CAGR of more than 30% from 2022 to 2028. In terms of production process, this is an adjacent area to manga, and we aim to increase our presence in this high-growth market by leveraging the strengths and expertise we have cultivated by creating manga content.