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Media platform business

Business model

In the Media Platform Business, we have developed many media products, including GANMA!, a manga content app. We will focus attention on growth fields and social issues in the near future and aim to fulfill the vision and mission of each platform, leveraging our entrepreneurship. The companies will combine their strengths and will build platforms together, and the entire Group will grow using its collective strengths.

  • Manga Content Business「Comic Smart」

    The business aims to empower manga artists and the entire manga industry through GANMA!, a manga content app that provides more than 200 original works. It features a system that includes rankings that are affected by readers’ evaluations and reviews, the posting of original illustrations, and gifts from readers. The system enables readers to directly support manga artists and help them grow.

  • Recruitment platform business「ViViViT」

    ViViViT is a new graduate recruitment platform which matches companies with students aspiring to be IT engineers and web designers. The site ensures a match between the “skills” sought by companies and the “rewarding work” sought by students and shares their values, bringing job-hunting and recruitment activities to a more satisfactory conclusion.

  • Platform business of social contribution「gooddo」

    gooddo is a platform for ensuring compatibility between the supporting activities of non-profit organizations and other groups and corporate marketing and public relations activities to provide consumers and businesses with opportunities to make social contributions. Under the slogan of making social contributions into everyday activities, we will construct a system that converts individuals’ interest in social contributions into practical actions in a bid to resolve social issues.

  • Medical platform business「Pharmarket」

    Pharmarket is a platform through which it purchases immobile stock from dispensary pharmacies and sells it on to other pharmacies. By reducing the risk of discarding stock which places a financial burden on pharmacy management and providing the necessary medicines at low prices, Pharmarket is helping to support the running of pharmacies.

  • Childcare platform business「TowaStela」

    TowaStela plans and operates digital media and e-commerce in the field of childcare. It aims to realize its vision of creating a period when users most enjoy childcare through the operation of the e-commerce site Babyful, which adds to the joy of important days for families, and the planning and operation of amanoppo, a gift shop for parents and children.

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