Message from the President

Message from the President

Inspiring the world with entrepreneurship

A Goal of the Septeni Group

Our Group engages primarily in the Internet Marketing Business, which is centered on Internet ads, and in the Media Content Business. Over the years we have expanded our business portfolio, while flexibly responding to changes in external circumstances. Today our Group consists of more than 20 group companies, 14 bases in seven different countries, and over 1,000 employees. Currently we are making different attempts for innovation that further increases our corporate value, such as the launch of new businesses in an effort to establish the next pillar after the advertising business.

Under these circumstances, we revised our corporate philosophy and our code of conduct in October 2016 on the 10th anniversary of our reorganization into a holding company. We repeatedly discussed what we aimed or aspired to be, what society expects of us, and how we could contribute to society. As a result of these discussions, we at the Septeni Group decided to carry out business activities in line with the corporate philosophy and code of conduct set out as follows.

<Corporate Philosophy>
  • MissionInspiring the world with entrepreneurship
  • VisionTo create a strong and great company
  • Creed"Hinerankai" in Kansai dialect means, "Think outside the box."
<Code of Conduct>
"Septeni Way"

CSR activities to be conducted on the initiative of the CSR Committee

Our Group launched a cross-sectoral CSR Committee chaired by me. We follow the ISO 26000 standards as the guidelines for carrying out activities. Our Group has grown by collaborating with many different stakeholders. In the future, the CSR Committee will serve as a hub that connects people inside group with those on the outside. We will continue our activities to ensure that every single employee embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship and contributes to society. I humbly ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

We have constructed a system that complies with the JIS standards concerning the protection of personal information to be certified to use the PrivacyMark. We make extensive efforts to preserve customers’ personal information. ≫About the Privacy Policy