Ad networks

Ad networks mean a service for networking multiple media websites with which a single business operator has formed a partnership for simultaneous ad distribution. Ad networks offer the advantage of the capability to place ads in many media in a package deal without dealing with individual media directly.

Affiliate advertising

Affiliate advertising refers to pay-per-performance Internet advertising. In this form of advertising, ads are placed on affiliate websites or the websites of affiliate earners. Advertising costs do not result merely from ad insertion. Costs come about based on results such as a product purchase by a website visitor.

App markets

App markets are online services that enable users to download smartphone applications. Google Play operated by Google and the App store offered by Apple can be cited as representative app markets.


Browser games

Browser games are games played on browsers used on mobile terminals or PCs connected to the Internet.

Business Leadership Program

The Business Leadership Program is a Septeni Group program for developing the talent required for business managers and entrepreneurs that is open to all employees. Through this Program, Septeni Group employees can attend outside business schools.


Cloud-based CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM means securing customers with responses suited for each of them based on exchanges with them. Cloud-based CRM refers to CRM in which an external server for CRM services is used via the Internet, as opposed to CRM performed in-house. The Septeni Group is offering cloud-based CRM services called KREISEL, which has made complex CRM easy.


Generally speaking, content is defined as a work that belong to the field of education or entertainment and offers valuable information or experiences according to the context of its recipients. In businesses undertaken by the Septeni Group, content refers to pieces of work such as games and manga.


Creatives refer to a production that consists of images, attention-grabbing advertising copy and the like. Images used in display advertising and campaign websites can be cited as examples of creatives.

Cross-border transactions

Cross-border transactions are advertising transactions across national boundaries. The Septeni Group is focusing on business expansion overseas. The Group is supporting OUT-IN, overseas companies’ promotion in Japan, OUT-OUT, overseas companies’ promotion in third countries, and IN-OUT, Japanese companies’ promotion overseas.


Direct responses

Direct responses are a form of advertising aimed at urging viewers to take a concrete action. Direct responses appeal to the strengths and characteristics of advertised products and services and lead viewers to take a direct action, such as a request for written information, a purchase or software installation.

Display advertising

Display advertising is a form of Internet advertising that uses still images and videos.


Facebook Marketing partner

The Facebook Marketing partner is a program for selecting corporate partners based on their assessed marketing results and technological solutions. The Septeni Group began to offer Facebook-related services in 2010. Septeni Group is the Japanese group certified in the field of Facebook advertising technology.



GANMA! is a Septeni Group distribution service for new serial Manga works. For this service, the Septeni Group has built a structure that enable readers to help Manga artists directly and support their growth. This includes a ranking system that takes readers’ reviews into account and an illustration posting function.

Great place to work

The Great Place To Work® Institute Japan defines a great place to work as a company where employees can trust their company, management team members and administrators, take pride in their work, and have a sense of solidarity with their coworkers. The Septeni Group has continued to rank high in the list of great places to work that the Great Place To Work® Institute Japan has published since 2013.


Hineranka Section

Named after Hinerankai, our corporate creed, the Hineranka Section takes charge of our original approach to new business development.


Hinerankai is the creed of the Septeni Group. In the Kansai dialect, the expression means, “Rack your brain and be creative.”

hug-kumi Committee

The hug-kumi Committee is an in-house project for supporting how women work, how they look after their children and how they balance their work and private life.


Internet advertising

Internet advertising refers to advertising for which the Internet is used. In comparison to mass media advertising via television commercials, etc., it is thought to have excellent cost performance since cost-effectiveness can be visualized.



In the Septeni Group, merchants mean management personnel. The Group is implementing various measures to produce more merchants.


Mobiles refers to mobile communications terminals, such as feature phones (so-called Galapagos cellphones), smartphones and tablet terminals. The Septeni Group has set mobiles as one of the fields to focus its efforts on. Under the policy, the Group focused on ads for feature phones through 2010. In the period from 2011, the Group shifted its focus to ads for smartphones that are growing at a high rate.


Native advertising (in-feed advertising and timeline advertising)

Native advertising is advertising that does not interfere with the user’s information experience. Design, content and formats for the ads resemble the content edited by media companies and service functions offered by them and are integrated with the format for articles (source: JIAA). In-feed advertising and timeline advertising have the characteristics of native advertising, but these two types of advertising appear mainly in web articles or application content designed for reading in the vertical direction on smartphone displays.

News apps

News apps are apps for smart devices that collect published news from Internet news sites and the like, and select and offer news that readers will find interesting.


Office tours

Office tours are networking events through which Septeni invites the friends of its employees and people interested in the company. They are organized as opportunities for introducing Septeni.


Performance-based advertising

Performance-based advertising is a general term for advertising that is different from pure advertising in that fees for advertising spaces change according to bidding results and the effectiveness of advertising depend on ad managers. Performance-based advertising includes search engine advertising and targeting advertising.

Pure advertising

Like mass media advertising, pure advertising is advertising in a space on the Internet bought out in advance for a fee set according to an advertising period. Pure advertising has existed since the pioneer days of Internet advertising. It appears mainly in advertising spaces in portal websites and emails.


PVs stand for page views. PVs indicate the numbers of times pages within websites and web services have been opened. They are the most popular index for measuring the volume of Internet access made.


PYXIS is software for optimizing social advertising performance developed by the Septeni Group. PYXIS enables users to narrow down advertising targets easily based on a vast amount of data, such as sex, age, and residential area and distribute ads to the targets efficiently and effectively.



RouteM is a Septeni Group program for assisting rookie Manga artists. RouteM provides full support to their creative activities, including the provision of fixed monthly financial support and assistance offered by staff members in charge of editing.


Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising is a paid service for displaying text ads on search results pages.

Search engines

Search engines refer to websites that enable visitors to search for information published on the Internet using keywords and other tools. Google and Yahoo! can be cited as representative search engines.

Social media

Social media refers to media communication between users that enables individuals to send out information and upload content through the Internet. Typical social media includes Facebook and Twitter. In addition, a social networking service or SNS is one of the categories of social media.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising refers to ads that appear in social media. Advertising that allows advanced targeting based on user data such as sex, age, and residential area form the mainstream in social media advertising.


Targeting advertising

Targeting advertising is a form of advertising through which the behavioral information, attributes, etc., of users are analyzed on the Internet and ads that suit their interest are distributed.

Twitter advertising API partner

The Twitter advertising API partner is a partner program for selecting companies with technology and expert knowledge for Twitter advertising. The Septeni Group was certified under this program in July 2014.


Video advertising

Video advertising is advertising through videos shown in ad spaces. The format comes from video sites such as YouTube and other video websites, and is delivered through websites and social media.

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