CSR Policy and Priority Challenges

The Septeni Group will contribute to the sustainable development of society through its business.

The Septeni Group and CSR

Businesses cannot function without a sustainable and sound society. In 2015, the United States General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the international community, there is a strong demand for action that helps to build a sustainable society. The globalizing, diversifying, and increasingly complicated nature of society presents many different problems. Businesses can no longer separate the various impacts of these problems from their business activities. To carry on their business and develop together with stakeholders, it is imperative that businesses actively address these problems and continue working to solve them.

We believe that helping to resolve social issues through business is our unique way of fulfilling the corporate social responsibility (CSR) placed upon us by society and stakeholders. This contribution aims to realize a sustainable society and realize the Septeni Group's mission of “Inspiring the world with entrepreneurship”. Inspired by this notion, we will continue moving forward with our activities.

The Septeni Group’s priority challenges

After examining many different social issues, we have specified six priority challenges that take into account the stakeholders' expectations for the Septeni Group and the importance of these issues to the Group’s business.
We will advance CSR activities in line with these challenges.

  • Diversity Management (Encouraging the active participation of women)
  • Diversity Management (Take action against discrimination and harassment)
  • Development of high quality human resources
  • Workstyle Reforms
  • Support the sound development of the Internet advertising industry
  • Culture and sports support

※The priority challenges will be regularly reviewed.

The Septeni Group’s priority challenges

The Septeni Group’s priority challenges in CSR

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